Lava Range Core Line Up

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Commercial Combi Ovens

Commercial combi ovens are versatile kitchen appliances used in professional kitchens for cooking, baking, steaming, and roasting a wide range of food items. These ovens combine three cooking methods – convection, steam, and a combination of both – to provide efficient and precise cooking results. 

Lava Range has been at the forefront of creating the most innovative lineup of commercial combi ovens that deliver in efficiency, durability and style.

Convection Ovens

Compact Combi Ovens

Commercial Combi Ovens

Programmable Combi Ovens

Gas Combi Ovens

Mobile Oven Racks

Combi Mobile Cages

Compact Combi Stands

Deep Fryers

Combi Accessories

Catering Equipment

Commercial catering equipment is designed to handle the high volume and demands of a commercial kitchen, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and safety in food preparation and service. It is an essential investment for any business in the foodservice industry, helping to improve the quality of food, reduce labor costs, and increase productivity. It’s crucial to choose the right equipment for your specific needs and ensure that it is maintained and serviced regularly to ensure its longevity and reliability.

Round Boiling Pans

Tilting Boiling Pans

Tilting Bratt Pans

Bain Marie with Hot Press

Banquet Carts

Catering Trolleys

Experts in Kitchen Fitout and Design

A successful design and fitout project can transform a space, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately drive business success. It's important to work with experienced professionals who can guide you through the process and create a functional, visually appealing space that meets your needs.

Sushi Take Away

A La Carte Restaurant

800 Seat Reception

Wood Fire Pizza