Warranty Policy

Lava Range’s Warranty Policy is covered by it’s parent company He2020 which is as follow: 


You will keep your HE2020 warranty if you provide proof of original buying date for carry in products.

To activate your warranty for your HE2020 product, you must register your product within four weeks from the date of invoice by filling out the warranty form. Products that are not registered within four weeks are not eligible for a warranty. Please visit www.he2020.com.au

Loss of stock is not covered by your HE2020 Warranty.

Other Rights

Your express and implied rights and remedies under the Trade Practices Act and other laws are different to your HE2020 warrant benefits


Except for the clauses below, HE2020 will repair (or at its option replace) any part of your HE2020 which in its or in its authorised repairers option needs repair or replacement because of defects in manufacture or parts during the 1 year after your products original buying date. Replacement, parts or HE2020 warranty repairs do not extend or restart this HE2020 warranty.

How to Claim your HE2020 Warranty 

  • For Carry in products please provide original proof of original buying date when requesting HE2020 warranty
  • Please install and use your product in accordance with instructions on your product or in your operating

Place and Time of Service 

Please take or send your carry in product (at your cost and risk) to and from HE2020’s repairer. If you send your product and / or leave it with or it is taken by HE2020 or its repairer you are wise to insure it for both the sending and return journey.

HE2020’s repairer will repair non carry in products where you have them installed

Please contact HE2020 (02 9637 3737) for HE2020 for your authorised local repairer. They will repair your product only during their own normal hours -otherwise you are free to pay them their charges outside those hours.

Services for which you may be asked to pay at the then current rates:

  • consumable part that are subject to wear and tear or moving parts needing repair or replacing for optimum performance other than because of manufacture defects;
  • repairs needed because of;

– cockroach or other insect or mice damage
– leaking batteries
– glass crack or breaks
– accident, misuse, negligence or tampering with
– use other than in accordance with instructions on your product or in your operating manual
– lightning strikes
– salt build up or rust or corrosion if the product is near the ocean or in a high humidity area
– repairs or attempted repairs by anyone other than HE2020 or its repairer
– accessories replacements & repairs
– use of the product on voltage other than that specified by your product

NB: Prices subject to change or alteration without notice.