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Every restaurant will do what it takes to be more sustainable and efficient; one would have to invest in commercial cooking equipment.
Hospitality Equipment 2020 provides an extensive range of Commercial Cooking Equipment. These come in a variety of types, and all of which will minimize cooking time, best for serving batches of cookies, bread, pizzas, and some other goodies to your customers.
Lava Range is offering a selection of wide range of combi ovens, with the latest technology from Italy.
Commercial Combi Ovens are engineered to offer catering professionals a highly versatile and sturdy working tool.


Upright Glass Door

GLKF2S-1300 - Upright Stainless Refrigeration - Greenline AU

Upright Stainless Steel

GLBF920L - Blast Chiller Freezer - Greenline AU

Blast Chillers & Freezers

GLCOL-3.0-3-2.1 - Cool Rooms - Greenline AU

Cool Rooms

TORINO-3899 - Supermarket Freezers - Greenline AU

Supermarket Freezers

BBS3DGN - Bench Refrigeration - Greenline AU

Bench Refrigeration

BBG3DGN - Bench Refrigeration - Greenline AU

Glass Bench Refrigeration

BS7-3D18 - Side Mount Refrigeration - Greenline AU

Sidemount Refrigeration

SET3DR - Draw Suit Chillers - Greenline AU

Draw Suit Chillers

B-170SS - Front Bar Refrigeration - Greenline AU

Compact Bench Refrigeration

GLSA2D15 - Sandwich Preparation and LADA - Greenline AU

Food Preparation

GLSA3D18 - Sandwich Preparation and LADA - Greenline AU

Mega Food Preparation

GLSA2D-BU-15 - Self Serve Buffet - Greenline AU

Self Serve Buffet

GLSACAN-3D - Glass Canopy for GLSA Ranges - Greenline AU

Glass Canopies

GLPZ24 - Pizza Preparation Fridge - Greenline AU

Pizza Preparation

QC450A - Ice Makers - Greenline AU

Ice Maker Machines

ZF2T-R4A - Ice Flakers - Greenline AU

Ice Flakers

GLW81-4G - Wine Coolers - Greenline AU

Wine Coolers

B-170SS - Front Bar Refrigeration - Greenline AU

Banquet Trolley

B-170SS - Front Bar Refrigeration - Greenline AU

Front Bar Refrigeration

GLBA2D-995-18 - Greenline Commercial Refrigeration - Australia

Back Bar Refrigeration

GRT3-BCR7 - Square Glass Display - Greenline AU

Counter Top Displays

GRT3-12D - Square Glass Display - Greenline AU

Square Glass Display

BAK6-18 - Greenline Commercial Refrigeration - Australia

Bakery Square Display

GLTCS-1M - Deluxe Food Display - Greenline AU

Deluxe Display

GLTVZK31 - Butcher Deli Display - Greenline AU

Deli Butcher Display

GLHNI80-15 - Reach-In Display - Greenline AU

Reach-in Display

GLRSS-1M30 - Reach-In Display - Greenline AU

Stainless Steel Reach-in Display

Commercial Kitchen & Bar Designs

Greenline specialises in providing world class commercial refrigeration kitchen equipments across Australia and New Zealand. And we also customise kitchens based on clients specifications and needs. 

See our sample designs.

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